Healthcare Assistant

Thank you for taking the time to apply to work as a Healthcare Assistant in our busy agency!

It’s important you know we are a Nursing Agency, not an actual facility, and employ staff on a temporary casual basis. (Please note: We cannot help with permanent positions and visas. Do not apply if you are not legally able to work in New Zealand).

The way we operate is that you update us multiple times each week via our app and advise us what your availability is for the days ahead. Then when hospitals and rest homes call us for staff, we get in touch with you. In some instances, you may only get 30 minutes notice to go to work, but often you are told the day before or booked in advance. It always changes, which is a great part of the role – no two days are the same!

Please fill in your details below:

Application Form - Healthcare Assistants

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Please note: Minimum requirement for students is 2 shifts per week, you must be available to work at least 2 shifts every week.
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Medical Screening

It is a requirement of all Griffin Healthcare staff that they are medically screened for the below before they begin employment. Please tick the boxes below if you have been screened and upload the documentation that gives these results.

Hep B immunity
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Negative MRSA status
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TB status
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None of the above – but I understand that I will need to undertake a blood test at my expense if I am successful in this application.

NOTE: This is a prerequisite to gaining employment with us. You must have proof of these before being offered a position at Griffin. Verbal confirmation is not accepted.

Reference Checks

Please advise 2 work references we can call. They must be people you have worked for (NOT FRIENDS) and you must have asked them in advance.

Referee 1:
Referee 2:

Further Questions

Have you applied for any other jobs and are waiting to hear back?

Supporting Information Required

Please upload the three items below:
• Cover letter explaining why you are suitable for this role.
Maximum upload size: 2MB
• C.V.
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• Educational material relevant to your application.
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